Virgen de las Mercedes 恩恵の聖母 – Leon, Nicaragua レオン, ニカラグア

Virgen de las Mercedes 恩恵の聖母 - Leon, Nicaragua ニカラグア・レオン
Virgen de las Mercedes 恩恵の聖母 – Leon, Nicaragua ニカラグア・レオン


Virgen de las Mercedes(恩恵の聖母)を祝う宗教的なお祭りだそう。


Two hundred years ago, the town of Leon was moved to its present location to avoid damage when the volcano erupted again.
And when Nicaragua seceded from the Central American Union in 1839, Leon became the capital of Nicaragua, but
The capital was repeatedly relocated to a city called Granada, and eventually the capital became Managua, which is located in the middle of the two towns.

There are many food stalls in the center of the city, horse figurines are placed in the plaza in front of the church for photo ops, and
Mary is carried out from the church, and fireworks are set off.
It is a religious festival to celebrate Virgen de las Mercedes (Our Lady of the Blessed Virgin).

One of the most popular parts of the festival is the eating.
After visiting stalls selling banana chips, hamburgers, fried chicken, and other delicacies, I discovered candy apples!

Virgen de las Mercedes
at Leon, Nicaragua ニカラグア・レオン

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